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Set in 15 acres of beautiful parkland we can offer a woodland walk, quiet areas to reflect in, team building activity programme in the grounds and even archery if required. 

We also have on-site our own café – Sage & Time - for real coffee and special teas and cakes.

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The Ultimate Archery Experience

Enjoy a unique archery experience that tests your skill and team tactics at Kenward Trust, whilst shooting at some of the most impressive archery targets available!

Archery is a sport for everyone. It is certainly a test of skill but one that is fun and suitable for everyone, no matter what your fitness level. So if you think you could line up next to Robin Hood and give him a run for his money try, either as a single group activity or as part of your group package.

Our staff are fully qualified and have a passion for this activity that brings you back to nature. You will receive personal attention to ensure that you develop the correct technique to make this a truly enjoyable and successful experience.

Our session is run as an Olympic Style Competition, which certainly encourages everyone to aim for their best. Perfect for families, friends or corporate groups Archery is a great activity to engage everyone involved.

We offer a Medieval style archery which involves a much longer shooting line and can cater for up to 80 archers shooting at once. No one will need to wait as we have large numbers of bows.

Also available are LIFE SIZED "Roman army" - these targets are placed at approx 80 -100 yards and participants are encouraged to shoot in the style of a medieval archer giving full vent to the bow - it's a huge amount of fun as almost everyone who picks up a bow would really like to loft an arrows as far as they can.

This shoot is based on a Medieval training technique where the targets are placed within a circle - points are scored for arrows in the circle but more points for a hit on an "Enemy".

This option can be done with The Roman army - or our custom Dinosaurs

For the smaller archer, we make a circle somewhat closer to a selection of targets so no one is left out. With the Medieval set up we also bring some traditional English Longbows - These are museum replicas at Half Medieval draw weight with real Heavyweight war arrows.... they are a real talking point and always arouse interest.