How to Make Your Conference Stand Out? Icon

15th January, 2019

How to Make Your Conference Stand Out?

Making your conference stand out is the aim when organising your conference, but in an ever growing field it can be hard to make your conference the memorable one. Here are our top tips on making your conference the one that is remembered.

  1. Make sure the venue is right for you

    Decide what you want out of your conference and decide what kind of vibe you wish to go down. If it is a big expo, then maybe a big hall would be good, or if it is multiple talks under one conference, maybe somewhere with multiple different rooms. Making sure that your venue suits the conference saves you a lot of work further down the line making it work. It also ensures that your conference is far more likely to stand out and be a success.


  2. Branding and Marketing

    Branding is essential to make your conference stand out. Pick a strong brand that you can carry throughout all of the marketing of the conference to ensure consistency and therefore a name that is remembered long after the conference is over. Branded merchandise is also a great way to ensure that your name gets remembered long after your conference, especially if you choose pieces that are long wearing and useful such as phone chargers.


  3. Content

    Ensure that you have the best speakers for the field and have a lot of interactivity for the delegates to be a part of. Having a strong line up that people can be heavily involved in makes sure that all the delegates watching will remember your conference and remain engaged throughout. Making sure that everyone involved in the day enjoys it is the most important element of making the day stand out and be a success.